Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fairground Attaction

My wife and I took our two boys to a funfair. We chose a roundabout for their first ride. Our youngest burst into tears.

We introduced them to candy floss, a delicacy that failed to impress him. I bought a toffee apple instead, and he painted his pushchair with sticky pink goo (some of it might have gone in his mouth, too).

Finally, we called at a hook-a-duck stall, and they both had a bash, before picking a prize from an arsenal of plastic firearms. We felt they were too young for semi-automatic weapons, so got them a gun that fired nothing more lethal than bubbles. It later turned out not to work.

It was time to leave, an unpopular decision. We made our way home half-dragging, half-carrying two screaming boys. So much for the fun of the fair!


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