Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Definitive Lists

For no other reason than that I've always fancied doing this, even before High Fidelity, and it came up in another book I was reading recently as a popular male pass-time, here's a couple of personal top 5 lists.

Top 5 Nottingham Forest players (not neccessarily the best, just my personal faves):

1. Stuart Pearce - nuff said.
2. Bryan Roy - I saw him play twice, both against Tottenham, and both times he scored two goals
3. Scott Gemmill - fantastic in the 93/94 promotion year, extensively disappointing thereafter. But I'll never forget that goal against Leicester.
4. Ian Woan - scored a few fantastic goals, and did little else.
5. Andy Reid - for about twenty minutes, I really thought he'd got Forest back in the premiership. Subsequently got over-hyped by the press.
6. Lars Bohinen - I know I said 5, but I couldn't leave him out, not after he chipped Ian Walker from 25 yards.

Top 5 Star Wars characters:

1. Yoda - small, wise, and mighty - reminds me of someone . . .
2. R2D2 - small, inventive, feisty - hmm, now who does that remind me of?
3 Wicket W. Warwick - okay, you can probably see where I'm going with this now. Just kidding around, I don't just like the small characters because I project something of myself on to them. That would be a bit pathetic.
4. Boba Fett - his fame is completely disproportionate to his screentime in any of the films. I mean, what does he actually do? Sees his Dad get killed in one film, and then flies into the Sarlaac to his apparent death (and I know that according tp the books he actually survives) because he's got a dodgy rocket pack. And yet we're supposed to believe he's the greatest bounty hunter ever.
5. Aunt Beru - no, seriously. That blender thing she uses in the first film is one of the most underrated props ever.

Right. Actually, doing top 5 lists isn't such a diverting pass-time after all. Maybe I'm just too old.


At 8:35 PM GMT+1 , Blogger Rish said...

Top 5 commuters that you have come across?

For the record, my favourite 5 Forest players from my lifetime would be:

1. Stuart Pearce - probably the best Forest captain ever (sorry to John McGovern)
2. Stan Collymore - the finest, and most talented striker ever to pull on a Forest shirt
3. Nigel Clough - as the song said: "Give him a ball and a yard of grass, he'll give you a move with the perfect pass"
4. Des Walker - one of the best defenders in the league, even when he was 37
5. Andy Reid - supremely talented, a bit arrogant, scorer of one of the best individual goals by a Forest player (against West Ham - 70 yard run, 35 yard screamer with the outside of his left foot into the top corner)

I always vowed that I wouldn't get suckered into this list thing, you have obviously caught me at a weak moment...

At 12:40 PM GMT+1 , Blogger JD said...

Cheers Rish. To be honest, I felt slightly violated after publishing this post.

No more list-making, I promise.


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