Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New beginnings?

I've always maintained that my next job would be outside London. I maintained throughout my first proper job, and I've maintained it ever since, even to the extent of never buying an annual train pass just in case I found myself in some new, extra-capitular (new word that I've just made up and am quite proud of) job that would require me to cancel it and go through torture by red tape. I maintained it throughout the job I've happily held for the past four and a half years, telling anyone who cared to listen that once I was a family man I didn't want to be spending three hours a day on a train full of strangers.

Yesterday I started a new job. It will, I suspect, surprise no one to know that it is just over the road from my previous one. It isn't even a different bus stop. It's actually quite comforting - no matter what else changes, the commute remains constant. The Happy Commuter Rides Again. Or something.


At 11:07 AM GMT+1 , Blogger Rish said...

"The Happy Commuter Rides Again"? Sounds like a good re-branding for the blog!

Congratulations on the new job - good jobs are not easy to find!

At 9:10 AM GMT+1 , Blogger DJ Kirkby said...

Some day... your country job will come...probably after you have moved into the city!


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