Friday, August 10, 2007

Apologies for the disruption to your service

Sorry for the extended delay in posting. I'm just not a very happy commuter this week, what with delays in both directions on the train, rubbish service on the Tube and intermittent cock-ups on the buses.

Don't want to post a lot of moaning grumpiness - there'e enough of that about already.


At 2:52 AM GMT+1 , Anonymous The Model Commuter said...

Commuting makes you bitter, twisted and angry. Why fight it? :D

I've actually been having quite the opposite problem. My commute is now quite pleasant and I lack the anger that drove my early posts.

At 8:05 AM GMT+1 , Blogger DJ Kirkby said...

Grumpy posts from you would be fine! Probably be quite hilarious actualy... sorry but it's true...

At 10:17 AM GMT+1 , Blogger JD said...

Oh, alright. I'll put something togfether over the weekend. Bless yuou both.


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