Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Joy of Walking

One of the pleasures of The Happy Commuter's new professional assignment is that it has reduced the distance I need to travel from Kings Cross in the morning by approximately half. What this means is that I can once more put away the Oyster Card and use my legs. My previous post was roughly a thirty-five minute walk, just a little bit too long to be doing twice a day, particularly since the arrival of The Little Commuter made getting home in the evening a far more urgent matter. My new base takes between fifteen and twenty minutes at a brisk stroll - barely slower than public transport! Yesterday, for example, I left the office five minutes before my similarly-domiciled colleague, who took the Underground, and walked into the station at the same time (well, about a hundred yards ahead)!

I was reminded of the benefits of this change of pace this morning when reading a poem about last week's flight disruption and its welcome side effect - the sudden return of the sound of birdsong. Walking the streets of the capital may not be quite so close to nature, but in comparison with the sweaty, seething mass of rush hour tube commuters, stretching one legs to the sounds of Pelican crossings, sirens and the constant rumble of London traffic. not to mention the stirring sights and vibrant colours of the urban jungle, lifts the spirit above the humdrum of the everyday grind, as well as providing a precious opportunity to collect one's thoughts.

We can't all be cyclists, joggers or members of the local gym. Take my advice - go for a walk. You'd be amazed how pleasant the world looks.


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