Thursday, April 09, 2009

Top five commuting characters

1. Mobile phone woman:

A peripatetic agony aunt, this benevolent repository of relationship advice can often be found on early-eveing trains, tuttting sympathetically at intervals of five seconds or so, as her correspondent (so we assume) pours out her troubles on the other end of the line. Occasionaly interjects something more substantial along the lines of "Well he doesn't desrve you." or "Yeah but no but" etc

2. Ipod man:

I'm making a bit of a sweeping generalisation here - I'm sure many of them are bog-standard MP3 players and not over-priced gadgets from a certain computer company. Ipod man, though, is above generalisations. In fact, nothing makes much of an impression on him, because his senses have long since been dulled by the sheer thumping volume of the music on his headphones. Takes great pleasure in catching the eye of a fellow passenger and pretending not to be aware that his personal choice of tunes cn be heard three carriages away.

3. Crisp-eating person:

Crisp-eating person is, as the name suggests, not an individual of fixed gender. Rather, he/she is an archetype, whose role can be easily filled, and with a delicious sense of inevitability is usually filled, as soon as the person in the row in front opens a book and starts to read it. A distant relative of Popcorn man, that well-known denizen of the cinema.

4. Freesheet reader:

Freesheet reader is the fastest reader anywhere in the wolrd, who has taken skim-reading to another level. Freesheet reader doesn't so much skim as pass over, bouncing very occasionally on the surface like a seaplane about to land. Possesses an unhealthy interest in inane thirty-second interviews and star signs.

5. Bike man

One cannot forget or, alas, ignore Bike man, for the simple resaon that his bike manages to get in the way of every single passenger in the carriage. Bike man's bike never folds, as according to compsny policy on bicycles, and is therefore wheeled into the vestibule so that other people's legs and ankles can be assaulted.


At 7:28 AM GMT+1 , Blogger DJ Kirkby said...

I have encountered numbers 1,2 and 5 and I fear I am number 3 though in my defence I am usually reading at the time and I do not crunch loudly or make the crips packet rustle much at all as I don't like the sound myself. Not sure who number 4 is, I see lots of busy VIP type people but they are mostly on their laptops.

At 8:29 PM GMT+1 , Blogger JD said...

Hi DJ. So you're going on the 22nd? That would be the Wednesday. I'll try to make it but sadyl that's quite a busy week for me at work, so I may have to miss it this year.

At 7:58 PM GMT+1 , Blogger DJ Kirkby said...

I would email you but that is impossible without an address so here will have to do. How about this: 'Poignant, emotive, often laugh out loud...The Happy Commuter's blog is an endlessly fascinating portrayal of one man’s daily journey to work and back.'


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