Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lost property

So many ideas, so little time . . .

Thing is, you see, I wanted to post an account of my experiences on Blustery Thursday, and I got as far as writing two thirds of it on the train ot work on Friday on my laptop, intending to finish the rest ver the weekend, only I forgot to email it to my PC at home, so that will have to wait. I know its a bit crap only doing it 2 weeks after the event - so much for current affairs blogging - but I'm having that kind of month.

It's clearly not just me though - today in town I ran into the couple I mentioned in my gloomy New Year's Day post that I travel with in the mornings and had tried unavailingly to make friends with. I was wondering around the local post office-cum-DIY shop (in the US I think it would be called a general store). Completely flummoxed me by being really friendly, so we had a bit of a chat while out respective beter halves tutted impatiently. Very odd. We were both a bit under the weather, too, which didn't help.

Anyway, yesterday I left my mobile phone on the train (I think) and on Monday I will find out if it's gone to Lost Property in Cambridge. I hope so, and I wil obviously be reporting in full on the experience. Have to go and have dinner now. Bye.


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